Housing First und andere interessante Beiträge zum Nachlesen

Die FEANTSA, genauer das Observatoy on Homelessness, hat das neue homeless Journal (12/09) herausgegeben und auf ihre Homepage gestellt - mit vielen spannenden Beiträgen, unter anderem zu dem finnischen Modell von "housing first".
Nachstehend bringen wir einen Überblick zum Inhalt des Journals. Nachzulesen sind die einzelnen Artikel unter folgendem Link: Jahresbericht 2009 des European Observatory on Homelessness (EOH)  

The Governance of Homelessness in Liberal and Social Democratic Welfare Regimes: Strategies, Structural Conditions and Models of Intervention

The Drafting of the Portuguese Homeless Strategy: An Insight into the Process from a Governance-Oriented Perspective
Increasing Access to Housing – Implementing the Right to Housing in England and France

The Role of NGOs in the Governance of Homelessness in Hungary and Slovenia

Labour Market Reforms and Homelssness in Denmark and Germany. Dilemmas and Consequences

How Urban Planning Instruments Can Contribute in the Fight Against Homelessness. An International Overview of Inclusionary Housing

Policy Evaluation

The Finnish Homelessness Strategy: From a ‘Staircase’ Model to a ‘Housing First’ Approach to Tackling Long-Term Homelessness

The Development of a National Homeless Strategy in Poland: Achievements and Challenges

Social Rental Agencies: Still a Splendid Idea?

Governance and Joined-Up Services: The Case of Housing Support Services in England

Think Pieces

Governing Marginalised Popu­lations: The Role of Coercion, Support and Agency

Homelessness and the ‘Exclusive Society’ Thesis: Why It Is Important to ‘Think Local’ to ‘Act Local’ on Homelessness Issues

Speaking for the Homeless – Opportunities, Strengths and Dilemmas of User Organisation

The Political Organisation of People who are Homeless: Reflections of a Sympathetic Sceptic
How to Use the Open Method of Coordination to Deliver Policy Progress at European Level: The Example of Homelessness

Response to ‘How to Use the Open Method of Coordination to Deliver Policy Progress at European Level: The Example of Homelessness’

Research Reviews

¿Quién duerme en la calle? Una investigación social y ciudadana sobre las personas sin techo [Who sleeps rough?  A social and civic research study on the homeless]
Wohnungslosigkeit und Wohnungslosenhilfe in Österreich – eine aktuelle österreich-weite Erhebung [Homelessness and Services for the Homeless in Austria – an up-to-date Austrian-wide investigation]

Young People’s Homeless Pathways (2008)

Youth Homelessness in the UK: A Decade of Progress? (2008)

The Future of Social Housing (2008)